My Personal Background


My name is Hendrik (Hennie) Jan van Dyk

I was born in Holland 78 years ago in a town named Ede, but lived most of my life in New Zealand and the past 19 in Australia, most of the time in Brisbane, 8 years in Cornubia, Logan City (near Brisbane) and since November 2002 at Tullamore Downs, Gleneagle, semi rural, near Beaudesert, Queensland.

My wife’s name is Margaret and she was born in London, England, and like me lived most of her life in New Zealand. We have been together for over 20 years.

I fully retired many years ago, most of my business life having been in Administration Management, the latter part (over 10 years) as General Manager and Chief Executive of a Building Society.

I have three children (and four grand children). My oldest son, ‘Tony’, lives in Philadelphia, USA, Richard and Julie live in the North Island of New Zealand.

I have had a life long interest in Community affairs in one form or other over the years, current and past interests are recorded on my website.

Still interested in woodturning althought that’s on the backburner as is stamp collecting.

Currently my main interest is computer based, html programming, my personal website and developing websites for friends.

We both enjoy walking, gardening and playing golf, although not active with the latter at present.

Hennie van Dyk


One Response to My Personal Background

  1. christina says:

    information about who am i?

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